HRCAV TTT Showjumping 2014 at Werribee NEC

Forbes Lucerne is sponsoring the HRCAV’s TTT Show Jumping event this year, from 6-8 September 2014.

The event is hosted by the Bullengarook Adult Riding Club, and event details can be found at the TTT Show Jumping 2014 Facebook page.

As a sponsor for this event, Forbes Lucerne will be making a special offer to all competitors at the event: we’ll have our full range of hay and straw available at the Werribee Park NEC all weekend (from Friday afternoon), for sale at our farm gate price, free of charge!

We’ll have lucerne hay, oaten hay, straw and pasture hay for sale in our compact bales, as well as straw for sale in normal small square bales. Prices are available at our online hay store.

We’ll have a trade stall set up for the weekend, so come and have a look at our hay if you haven’t seen our compact hay bales before.

Pre-order so you don’t miss out, because stocks available on the weekend will be very limited.

Contact Mark by phone or email to pre-order some hay for the weekend now!

Compact Bales at Forbes Lucerne

Have you seen Forbes Lucerne’s Compact Bales? They’re small square bales, but tightly compacted into 1/3 the space.

Compact Bales are great for transport and storage because they’re so small, and they’re also great to feed out with. They’re easier to handle than conventional bales, and there’s less wastage when your animals eat them.

Here are some photos of our compact bales, so you can see them for yourself.


If you have any questions, or you’d like to order some grass hay, lucerne hay or oaten hay in compact bales, please contact us or order online.

And here’s a video showing a compact bale being fed out to Flutter, one of our horses.

New Season Hay For Sale At Forbes Lucerne

The new season’s hay has been baled, and is in the shed at Forbes Lucerne.

We now have grass hay and oaten hay for sale in compacts bales, as well as our lucerne hay compact bales.

If you’d like to try our new grass hay compact bales, or our oaten hay compact bales, give Mark a freecall on 1800 BUY HAY or email on


Alfalfa – also known as lucerne

alfalfa plant
Alfalfa (known as lucerne in Australia & New Zealand), is a rich source of protein, energy, and many other vitamins and minerals.

Lucerne is a legume, grown worldwide and native to Iran, and is used primarily as forage for cattle and horses due to its high nutritional value and digestibility.

Alfalfa generally has the highest nutritional value of all common hay crops, particularly protein and energy, making it a great choice of feed for cattle, horses, rabbits, goats, or sheep.

The Alfalfa sprouts you eat in your sandwiches are a variety of the lucerne hay you feed your horses or cattle.

Click here to see the lucerne products we have for sale.

Forbes Lucerne still has lucerne for sale this winter!

If you need lucerne to get you through the winter, you’re in luck! Forbes Lucerne still has plenty of lucerne in stock, so get in quick and stock up for the rest of winter.

We’ve reduced the price of our compact bales and small square bales, so visit our online store and have a look.

Forbes Lucerne Hay Shed

Buy Lucerne Online

Have you visited the Forbes Lucerne website lately? You can now order all your lucerne hay online!

Add items to the cart, and our website will automatically calculate delivery cost, & total cost of your order.

Give it a go! And please let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback about the new site.

Compact Bales

Lucerne Hay Compact Bale

Our best quality lucerne goes into these compact bales.

They’re so cheap because they come shrink-wrapped and on pallets, so there’s no handling involved.

Compact lucerne bales: $12 +GST

Small Square Bales

Lucerne Hay Small Square Bale

This is lucerne in normal small square bales. Plenty of people haven’t tried our compact bales yet and still use these small square bales.

Top quality small square bales: $14 +GST

Last season small squares: $12 +GST

Visit Our Online Store!

New Compact Lucerne Bales

We’re excited to announce we now stock Compact Lucerne Bales.

Weighing about the same as a normal small square bale, compact bales are about a third the size of a normal bale.

These compact bales come palletized and plastic-wrapped, so they’re easy to transport and handle.

Call Mark on 0400345357 or see the Lucerne Hay page for more info.

2013 Lucerne Hay Baled and Shedded

The first 2 cuts of the 2013 season are now in the shed, and are looking good. Fingers crossed we get some rain and get a good third cut in.