We deliver our lucerne all over Victoria in our ute and trailer.

On this page we give you some info on how we price deliveries.

How much can you deliver?

A full load on our ute and trailer is 100 small bales, or 4 large square bales. Delivery is charged by the km, so it’s more economical to get a full load if you can.

For wholesale orders, we can also deliver with our semi (extra cost).

What does delivery cost?

Delivery costs $2/km exc GST.

To get a distance estimate from our farm to your delivery address, just type “Forbes Lucerne” into Google Maps.

This is the delivery cost for a single load, whether the load has 1 bale on it or 100.

What if I only want a small order?

If you only want a small order and the delivery cost is going to outweigh the cost of the hay, you can pool with neighbours and share the delivery cost to make delivery more economical.

Or if it’s not urgent, we’ll try to combine your order with other customers in the area and share the cost that way.

What if I don’t want delivery?

You’re quite welcome to come and pick up your hay from the farm any time (just give us a call in advance so we know you’re coming), or arrange your own freight if you like.