We have a range of hay bale styles available here at Forbes Lucerne, not just our compact bales. As well as normal small square bales, we also have big squares (8’ x 4’ x 3’) for people wanting bulk hay (contact us for wholesale enquiries by the semi-load or b-double load).

Standard Small Square Bales

  • Most common small bales in Australia
  • Weigh between 20 and 25 kg
  • Dimensions are 3’ x 18” x 15”, or 900mm x 375mm x 450mm in metric measurementssmall-square-hay-bale-foreground-dimensions

Compact Hay Bales

  • Compact Bales are the same weight as a small square bale
  • Compressed for export purposes
  • Palletized for easy handling & transport
  • Dimensions are 20” x 18” x 9.5” (that’s 500mm x 450mm x 240mm in metric)
  • We have compact hay bales for sale online all year round here at Forbes Lucerne


Big Square Bale (or Jumbo Bale)

  • Used for bulk feeding
  • Weigh around 600kg
  • Dimensions vary, but standard Jumbo Bales are 8’ x 4’ x 3’ (that’s 2.4m x 1.2m x 900mm in metric)
  • If you’re interested in Jumbo Bales, please Contact Mark Forbes for pricing and availability


Compact Hay Bale Video Demonstration