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Premium Lucerne Hay in Compact Bales. High energy & protein content.

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Premium quality clover hay for sale, packaged into compact bales.

We have only the highest-quality clover, so your horses/cattle/garden will love it!

This hay is packaged into Compact Bales. Compact bales weigh about the same as normal bales, but are 1/3 the size, so they’re great to handle, transport and store.

  • These compact bales are made for export, and contain only the highest quality lucerne, with protein levels above 20%, and metabolic energy levels around 10 MJ/kg. A Feedtest for our compact bales is available here.
  • A compact bale weighs about the same as a conventional small square bale.
  • Compact bales are about 1/3 the size of a conventional small square bale, and are much easier to handle and store.
  • Compact bales feed out into 10 biscuits each, exactly like a normal bale.
  • Because compact bales are compressed, animals can’t separate the stalk from the leaves, and so they leave less waste than conventional bales.
  • All compact bales have been x-rayed for QA, and contain no foreign materials.
  • Best of all, compact bales are cheaper than normal bales since they’re so easy to handle and transport.

Please Contact Us for more information on this lucerne hay.

We can deliver up to 100 compact bales on our ute and trailer. Add a bale to your cart and use the shipping calculator on the next page for a delivery quote.

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