If you need lucerne to get you through the winter, you’re in luck! Forbes Lucerne still has plenty of lucerne in stock, so get in quick and stock up for the rest of winter.

We’ve reduced the price of our compact bales and small square bales, so visit our online store and have a look.

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Have you visited the Forbes Lucerne website lately? You can now order all your lucerne hay online!

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Give it a go! And please let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback about the new site.


Compact Bales

Lucerne Hay Compact Bale

Our best quality lucerne goes into these compact bales.

They’re so cheap because they come shrink-wrapped and on pallets, so there’s no handling involved.

Compact lucerne bales: $12 +GST

Small Square Bales

Lucerne Hay Small Square Bale

This is lucerne in normal small square bales. Plenty of people haven’t tried our compact bales yet and still use these small square bales.

Top quality small square bales: $14 +GST

Last season small squares: $12 +GST

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