Drought – large square bales out of stock 2018

Hi everyone, we’ve been getting lots of calls from farmers looking for hay to get them through the rest of the season, but we’ve officially run out of hay.

We currently only have a very small amount of compact bales left, and we’ve had to restrict sales to 30 small bales per customer to get people through until the new season in October.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience; it’s been a really tough year for farmers everywhere (including us), and we’d love to be able to help other who are struggling through the drought, but we won’t have hay until October when we start cutting again.

Winter is Coming

Winter’s coming, but we still have plenty of hay for sale right now at Forbes Lucerne. Place your order early to make sure you have enough hay to see you through winter.

We have grass hay, oaten hay, and lucerne hay all in stock at the moment, but with the dry cropping season we’ve had and a cold winter coming up, make sure you get in quick!

Barwon Valley Pony Club

Forbes Lucerne is proud to report that the Barwon Valley Pony Club’s recent Horse Trials were a great success.

Winners were presented with a bale of Forbes Lucerne’s compact hay as a prize. Here are some photos from the event.

Barwon Valley Pony Club Horse Trials - Forbes Lucerne prizes

Barwon Valley Pony Club Horse Trials - Forbes Lucerne prizes

Barwon Valley Pony Club Horse Trials - Forbes Lucerne prizes

The event was also sponsored by Tuff Horse Rugs

Compressed Hay Bales a winnter at Werribee for TTT Show Jumping

Werribee TTT Show Jumping

Thanks to Stacey and the team from the Bullengarook Adult Riders Club for making last weekend’s TTT Show Jumping event at the Werribee Equestrian Centre such a success.

compressed hay bales at werribee event

Compressed Hay Bales for prizes

Forbes Lucerne sponsored compressed hay bales for the winners of the event, and they were really well received by all. We had a great time meeting everyone and getting to show off our compressed hay and compressed bales of straw, and we hope to see everyone again next time.

Forbes Lucerne Sponsoring the 2014 TTT Navigation Ride

Forbes Lucerne is proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 HRCAV TTT Navigation Ride, hosted by the Tallarook Family Riding Club on 19 October at Bernwey Park in Willowmavin, Victoria.

We’ll be supplying compact hay bales for prizes – each member of the top 8 teams on the day will get their choice of lucerne hay, oaten hay, grass hay or straw in our compact bales.

More info available at www.hrcav.com.au

Hay Bale Weight & Dimensions

We have a range of hay bale styles available here at Forbes Lucerne, not just our compact bales. As well as normal small square bales, we also have big squares (8’ x 4’ x 3’) for people wanting bulk hay (contact us for wholesale enquiries by the semi-load or b-double load).

Standard Small Square Bales

  • Most common small bales in Australia
  • Weigh between 20 and 25 kg
  • Dimensions are 3’ x 18” x 15”, or 900mm x 375mm x 450mm in metric measurementssmall-square-hay-bale-foreground-dimensions

Compact Hay Bales

  • Compact Bales are the same weight as a small square bale
  • Compressed for export purposes
  • Palletized for easy handling & transport
  • Dimensions are 20” x 18” x 9.5” (that’s 500mm x 450mm x 240mm in metric)
  • We have compact hay bales for sale online all year round here at Forbes Lucerne


Big Square Bale (or Jumbo Bale)

  • Used for bulk feeding
  • Weigh around 600kg
  • Dimensions vary, but standard Jumbo Bales are 8’ x 4’ x 3’ (that’s 2.4m x 1.2m x 900mm in metric)
  • If you’re interested in Jumbo Bales, please Contact Mark Forbes for pricing and availability


Compact Hay Bale Video Demonstration

HRCAV TTT Showjumping 2014 at Werribee NEC

Forbes Lucerne is sponsoring the HRCAV’s TTT Show Jumping event this year, from 6-8 September 2014.

The event is hosted by the Bullengarook Adult Riding Club, and event details can be found at the TTT Show Jumping 2014 Facebook page.

As a sponsor for this event, Forbes Lucerne will be making a special offer to all competitors at the event: we’ll have our full range of hay and straw available at the Werribee Park NEC all weekend (from Friday afternoon), for sale at our farm gate price, free of charge!

We’ll have lucerne hay, oaten hay, straw and pasture hay for sale in our compact bales, as well as straw for sale in normal small square bales. Prices are available at our online hay store.

We’ll have a trade stall set up for the weekend, so come and have a look at our hay if you haven’t seen our compact hay bales before.

Pre-order so you don’t miss out, because stocks available on the weekend will be very limited.

Contact Mark by phone or email to pre-order some hay for the weekend now!

Compact Bales at Forbes Lucerne

Have you seen Forbes Lucerne’s Compact Bales? They’re small square bales, but tightly compacted into 1/3 the space.

Compact Bales are great for transport and storage because they’re so small, and they’re also great to feed out with. They’re easier to handle than conventional bales, and there’s less wastage when your animals eat them.

Here are some photos of our compact bales, so you can see them for yourself.


If you have any questions, or you’d like to order some grass hay, lucerne hay or oaten hay in compact bales, please contact us or order online.

And here’s a video showing a compact bale being fed out to Flutter, one of our horses.